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Support Levels

ProductSupport Options
PowerFolder Free
  • Wiki Self-No Support
PowerFolder Cloud
  • Mail Online Support
PowerFolder Business
  • Mail Online Support
PowerFolder Enterprise
  • Mail Online Support
  • Phone Support


Contact Information

Support OptionContact Information
Online Support

To contact our support please login to our support system. If you don't have an account there already, you need to create one before to file a new support request.

Please include the following information, when using this support option:

  • Choose a meaningful subject summarizing your question or problem.
  • Describe your environment, e.g. operating system used, program version, configuration.
  • Describe your problem in detail, including the steps which led to the problem.
  • Include a support package or log files.
Phone Support

To contact our support via phone, please call +49 2132 / 97 92 291.

 (warning) Please note: Our support team can only help you via phone, if you purchased a PowerFolder Enterprise product.