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  • Release date: August 2018
  • Build Number: 11.6.712
  • Type: Drop-in


Upgrade Information

  • Please follow the regular upgrade documentation for Windows or Linux.
  • No extra steps or configurations are required during this upgrade.
  • Upgrading any previous version is possible.
  • Cluster: Running different versions on the servers in the cluster is supported but limited to version >= 11.5 when using LDAP.
  • Federation API is incompatible to versions below 11.6. Please review our documentation before upgrading.
  • For upgrading from a version < 11.4 please read the Upgrade information for the 11.4.565 release.

(warning) Mandatory checks before upgrading to version 11.6 (warning)

  • LDAP:
    • The mail addresses of LDAP users now get correctly imported by the LDAP mapping that is configured in PowerFolder Server. Please ensure, that this mapping is set correctly because else you might loose the mail addresses in your PowerFolder Server when the user logs in.
    • When the valid till date gets imported by a LDAP mapping it can't get changed within the PowerFolder Server.
    • When the quota gets imported by a LDAP mapping it will reset to this value every time the user log in.
  • Creating user accounts through invites:
    • When a user gets invited he has to register himself before he can change his password or before he logs in. The link to register the account gets send by the welcome mail so it is important that the welcome mail is activated.
    • An API call got created to activate accounts that don't have an activation date set. Please check our Accounts API documentation above.

Known Issues

  • Login for new Shibboleth/SAML users in version 11.6.703 is not working. A fix got implemented in version 11.6.706
  • Public links aren't functional in version 11.6.703 and 11.6.706. A fix got implemented in version 11.6.707
  • In rare cases folder names of other users not shared appear in the client. A fix got implemented in version 11.6.708. 

Downgrade information (optional)

  • In case a downgrade to a previous version is necessary:
  • Version 11.6 is forward and backward compatible to older and newer versions.
  • Simply replace the PowerFolder-Server.jar file with that from the previous version you would like to run.
  • When you are using LDAP authentication and downgrading below version 11.5:
    • Enter your PowerFolder.config file before starting the server.
    • Delete the entries LDAP.<index>.
    • Delete the x in front of the old LDAP configuration entries.
  • Log messages due to the higher schema version of database can be ignored:
    • [DatabaseMigrator]: Database layout version is newer than expected.

New documentation

New configuration entries:

  • transfer.buffer.threshold= [value in bytes] Default: 2097152 = 2MB
    • The client and server will buffer files that are below the value completely in memory when uploading them. Please configure this value carefully. Values above the default are not recommended. Choose a lower value if memory consumption rises to high. Can get configured on server and client.
  • mail.smtp.ssl.enabled=[true|false]

    • Is also added to the preferences page.
  • web.inline_view.browser.whitelist=txt|png|jpg|jpeg|gif
    • Only those filetypes will get opened in the browser with the ?inline function. Files that get opened with OnlyOffice aren't affected by this configuration entry.
  • locking.changes.file_permissions=[true|false] Default: false
    • Changes the behavior of the server/client to set files to read only when it is detected that the file gets edited on a client.


  • [PF-1479] - Cluster config is written without LDAP configuration

  • Release date: July 2018
  • Build Number: 11.6.711
  • Type: Drop-in


  • [PF-1218] - Database access optimization

  • Release date: July 2018
  • Build Number: 11.6.710
  • Type: Drop-in


  • [PF-1403] - Null pointer exception when client switches to new server

  • Release date: July 2018
  • Build Number: 11.6.709
  • Type: Drop-in


  • [PF-1440] - Updated Java to Version 8 Update 181


  • [PF-1253] - Fixed foreign folder names appearing in folder list

  • Release date: May 2018
  • Build Number: 11.6.707
  • Type: Drop-In


  • [PF-1062] - Java runtime updated to version 8 update 162


  • [PF-1136] - Fixed problem with link sharing for public folders

  • Release date: Apr 2018
  • Build Number: 11.6.706
  • Type: Drop-In


  • [PF-1149] - Fixed: Login for new Shibboleth Users not possible

  • Release date: Apr 2018
  • Build Number: 11.6.703
  • Type: Service Pack

New Feature

  • [PF-164] - Support invitation accept/decline process workflow in federation


  • [PF-122] - Show deletions in news stream
  • [PF-972] - Introduced buffer for small files. Reduce I/O on server and client.
  • [PF-365] - Improved behavior of Read-Only file system of PF-Client and Microsoft Office
  • [PF-1077] - Web performance optimization in cluster setup
  • [PF-526] - Password reset only possible with completed registration
  • [PF-675] - SSL SMTP support added
  • [PF-657] - Tokens check periodically if they are still valid
  • [PF-738] - Disabled valid till date when LDAP-Server provides a validity date
  • [PF-860] - Passing the ownership of a folder always triggers a mail request
  • [PF-868] - Upload-Form notification email: Add uploader and folder
  • [PF-765] - Additional e-mail addresses can now be used for login
  • [PF-768] - Request mutual trust relationship of services
  • [PF-933] - Improved logging when file histories are cleared
  • [PF-435] - Notify user about lock override


  • [PF-847] - Sync now correctly finishes on all folders
  • [PF-1081] - Database transaction for organization API fixed
  • [PF-1126] - Fixed versioning of client-synchronization while syncing directory structure
  • [PF-1074] - Changes in Open Office documents are completely saved in OnlyOffice
  • [PF-1088] - READ-ONLY users can write changes to ONLYOFFICE sheets and presentations fixed
  • [PF-1086] - Can't mount webdav root folder
  • [PF-1089] - Improved behaviour of PowerFolder when inviting to folders
  • [PF-950] - Upload forms: Send upload success mail after upload
  • [PF-1094] - Fixed problem with uneccessary recreation of email database entries
  • [PF-1095] - Only members of upload folders receive filelink in email
  • [PF-1087] - Users can't get created and assigned to an organization with less free quota
  • [PF-854] - External Accounts aren't able to merge LDAP or Shibboleth Accounts
  • [PF-294] - Handling for changing an owner to a user without quota improved
  • [PF-292] - "create.folder.basedir.only" entry is adjusted according to the defined profile in PowerFolder Server
  • [PF-80] - Data error when accessing federation-folder fixed
  • [PF-517] - LDAP accounts with no email set can add an external email address
  • [PF-837] - Quota for a single user can be set to the maximum of the organization
  • [PF-485] - API command accounts?action=store&username=xxx&basePath=xxx fixed
  • [PF-541] - Invited Shibboleth users receive a welcome mail
  • [PF-450] - Logging of transfers to PostgresSQL and MSSQL DB fixed
  • [PF-523] - Translation error when passing folder ownership to user without quota fixed
  • [PF-485] - API command accounts?action=store&username=xxx&basePath=xxx fixed
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