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There are two ways to install ONLYOFFICE: 

(Glühbirne) We recommend to use the Linux Version Installation, since the Docker or VMware Image Version Installation requires some extra experience. We consider the usage of the Docker and VMware Image version experimental and therefore can't fully support it.

Supported ONLYOFFICE version

Latest tested version: 5.1.5

(Warnung) We recommend not to use any newer version until it's marked here as "tested" as we can not support versions, which have not been tested by us with the current PowerFolder Server version.



Updating from version 4.x.x

(warning) When updating from version 4 a reinstallation of OnlyOffice is needed. It is not possible to upgrade the version.

(warning) Additionally a new license key file is needed to run the latest version. The old license key for version 4.x is invalid for all version above 5.x

Linux Version Installation

System requirements:

The Linux version installation is relatively easy to perform. Just follow the guide in the ONLYOFFICE help center:

Place the keyfile in this path: /var/www/onlyoffice/Data

SSL setup guide:

(Warnung) In the current version (5.1.x) there is a bug, which will overwrite your /etc/nginx/conf.d/onlyoffice-documentserver.conf file when updating. Please adjust the file again according to the ONLYOFFICE SSL setup guide and restart Nginx afterwards.

To enable the auto-save feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the default config file:
    Linux: /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json
    Windows: %ProgramFiles%\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\config*default.json*
  2. Adjust the following entries

    "services": {
        "CoAuthoring": {
            "autoAssembly": {
                "enable": true,
                "interval": "1m"

PowerFolder Server settings for ONLYOFFICE installation:

After the successful installtion of ONLYOFFICE server the Admin has to give manually  the URL in the PowerFolder server with the help of web portal. The steps for doing that are given below;

  1.  As Admin click on Prefrences.
  2. Click on web on the top drop down menu.
  3. Under open files in web, There is an option of providing the URL of installed ONLYOFFICE server.
  4. Please change the OnlyOffice Session Timeout parameter to a value that is higher that the autoAssembly interval to prevent invalidating your OnlyOffice Serssions too early. (e.g. 300 seconds)

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