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PowerFolder Client 10 SP6 Release Notes

  • Release date: Dec 2016
  • Build number: 10.6.468
  • Type: Drop-in




Release date: Aug 2016

Build number: 10.6.450



  • [PFC-2712] - Accurate representation on members
  • [PFC-2773] - Fix context-menu: Open file location in web
  • [PFC-2815] - Shell extensions prevent auto-refresh of the Explorer window
  • [PFC-2855] - File explorer crashes when the client synchronizes folders
  • [PFC-2857] - Translation error when marking files in use
  • [PFC-2861] - Shell extensions are installed with EXE installer though they are turned off
  • [PFC-2862] - Backed up folder is displayed multiple times below "This PC" in Windows 10
  • [PFC-2865] - Wrong translation when emtpying the file history
  • [PFC-2874] - Look-ahead Java deserialization (Whitelisting) - Thanks to Moritz Bechler of AgNO3 and Jacob Baines of Tenable Network Security
  • [PFC-2893] - Invitations not working with email addresses containing capital letters
  • [PFC-2901] - Problem with umlauts on login screen


  • [PFC-2762] - Review / Optimization of Mac Client
  • [PFC-2806] - Never minimize to system tray icon if unsupported
  • [PFC-2817] - Installer option to specify base path
  • [PFC-2853] - Shibboleth Client Login: Improve mixed authentication setup with multi LDAP
  • [PFC-2866] - Exclude Sync of "Boxcryptor" directory from Desktop folder
  • [PFC-2877] - Remove SEVERE loggings in server logs. Disable shell extensions on Server at all
  • [PFC-2905] - Downgrade capability when adding permissions


  • [PFC-2882] - Federated access through mobile app
  • [PFC-2892] - Look-ahead Java deserialization: Make whitelisting mandatory
  • [PFC-2898] - Polish translation for mobile
  • [PFC-2899] - Portuguese translation for mobile
  • [PFC-2900] - Spanish translation for mobile
  • [PFC-2907] - convert all Brandings License.txt to rtf
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