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(Glühbirne) We recommend to use the Docker Version, since it is the easiest way to repair or upgrade an existing installation.

Supported ONLYOFFICE version

Latest tested version: 5.2.8

(Warnung) We recommend not to use any newer version until it's marked here as "tested" as we can not support versions, which have not been tested by us with the current PowerFolder Server version.


ONLYOFFICE Roadmap: (will be updated soon)

Updating from version 4.x.x

(warning) When updating from version 4 a re-installation of OnlyOffice is needed. It is not possible to upgrade the version. Additionally a new license key file is needed to run the latest version. The old license key for version 4.x is invalid for all version above 5.x

ONLYOFFICE Docker installation

The Docker version installation is relatively easy to perform. Just follow the guide in the ONLYOFFICE help center:

Place the keyfile in this path: /app/onlyoffice/DocumentServer/data/

PowerFolder Server configuration

After the successful installation of ONLYOFFICE server the Admin has to give manually  the URL in the PowerFolder server with the help of web portal. The steps for doing that are given below;

  1.  As Admin click on Preferences.
  2. Click on web on the top drop down menu.
  3. Under open files in web, There is an option of providing the URL of installed ONLYOFFICE server.

ONLYOFFICE Auto-save feature

To have ONLYOFFICE save the opened document automatically every minute:

  1. docker container list
  2. docker exec -it <container_id>  bash
  3. nano /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json
  4. Search for autoAssembly and set enabled to true as well as interval to 1m in that section.
  5. supervisorctl restart all
  6. exit

(warning) This has to be done after every update of the ONLYOFFICE Docker container!

ONLYOFFICE License server info page

On the ONLYOFFICE Document Server info page you can check the statistics about the maximum and average number of connections for the last hour, twenty-four hours, week or month to estimate the number of concurrent connection you need for the license renewal.

ONLYOFFICE provides a PDF on how to check/receive the info page:

In case you get any access denied or similar error message when trying to open the URL, it may be necessary to modify the Nginx component configuration of the ONLYOFFICE installation:

  1. Open the following config /etc/nginx/includes/onlyoffice-documentserver-docservice.conf in container with Document Server;
  2. Find the section below:

    # Allow server info only from
    location /info {
      deny all;
      proxy_pass http://docservice;
  3. Change the section according to the below example:

    # Allow server info only from
    location /info {
      allow <allowed_ip_address>;
      deny all;
      proxy_pass http://docservice;

    (lightbulb) Replace the <allowed_ip_address> part with the IP of the machine you want to access the info page from. Visit the Nginx ngx_http_access_module documentation page for more information on the allow parameter.

  4. Reload Nginx service with the command: service nginx reload
  5. Open your browser and enter the address of the Document Server and add /info/ to the end of the address. Example: https://documentserver_address/info/


(warning)Please grab the info page with the statistics before upgrading the Docker container as the stats will be lost afterwards!

  1. docker container list
  2. docker container stop <container_id>
  3. docker system prune
  4. Use the docker run command mentioned in the ONLYOFFICE Docker Guide:

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